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A Column Like Carrie…………….. Xxx

A Column Like Carrie……..

so i have a friend, and she has never been so lucky in love!!

she was never short of a few offers for one thing from men but she wanted more than that, she wanted a bloke to stick around to actually be able to tell her the colour of her bed sheets!

shes a pretty girl nice sized not fat and not skinny a curvy girl that needed no make up to make herself look beautiful, more natural.

she joined an internet dating site and found not much more luck, whilst half the men she spoke to wanted to send her unique pictures, others yet exclaimed to be different but showed no sign of such differences!
she found she had to approach most of the guys on there and most of them would view her profile but not get back in touch!

anyway on her quest to find the perfect man she decided to set up a false profile with pictures of a super stunning lady to see how long and what sort of men would be interested!

well within 15 minutes she had receives 12 messages from men stating how ‘beautiful’ she was and how ‘stunning’ and how could she possibly be on this site, they also drooled ‘wow you can’t be short of a few messages’

withing the hour she managed to conduct a conversation with a guy and get his number!

she realised what she was doing was wrong but like our on screen love testing guru carrie bradshaw she had to do this in order to find out what it actually was about girls that guys want.

now the girl she had posed as was tall brunette and stunningly beautiful also a model, nice skin and eyes!
and it’s safe to say that she only approached 2 males the other ‘million’ got in touch with her!

so this poses the question do you have to conform to the rest of society and beautify yourself up and be stick thin to impress lads out there of today!
do they not look for the whole package and not whats just on the outside.
whatever happened to inner beauty and liking people for their personalities??

within 3 hours she had been sent 39 messages from 39 different males, more than her herself has actually received in 5 months!!

so i put this to you how does a girl meet a guy with out being the most beautifu lady in the world or the skinniest??
how does she win his heart with just one look??

yours,, ‘not so shallow”

I am who i am,, Beautiful me Xxx


Poem, Inspiration………..

I used to enjoy writing an array of poems and rhyming words but I do also have some quotes from movies which helped me get through school and life up until now….
Id like to share with al you bloggers words of wisdom I like to read.

God grant me the serenity to
Accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom, to know the difference

Growing up is awfuller than all the awful
Things that ever were.
– peter pan

Love you til’ the end
I just want to tell you nothing you don’t want to hear
All I want is for you to say
Oh why don’t you just take me where I’ve never been before
I know you want to hear me catch my breath
I love you til’ the end
I love you til’ the end
– p.s I love you

Don’t let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game.
– a Cinderella story.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
– the princess diaries.

It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.
– e e cummings

You don’t have to be somebody to be loved by everybody.
– shark tale.

We have some laughs, we sometimes cry
We sometimes weep, we say goodbye
We tell lies, we make jokes
We slowly suffocate as we choke
We’re not perfect, we’re not sick all I know is
We get the choice. – Claire lee
We are not together, the world we once knew
Stopped in our tracks, playing across the field
Handing out the goody bags, returning to the evil
Variety has come, all the good things have gone
England we once were
United as one
– Claire lee

Changes through the years, thought the looking glass
But can we really see what is happening so fast
Its come, its gone
The life that we knew
The soul that lives on
– Claire lee

We can only but dream to get what we want, we can take chances
Some may, some may not
Help is a word not always an action
But will our action of help be still only a dream..
– Claire lee

If you cant love yourself, who can you love.
– Claire lee

If you cant be yourself then your nobody.
– the flintstones

If only we’d been there when they needed us
If only we’d been stronger, if only we’d stuck up for them
If only
If only
– unknown

Be what you want to be, not what everyone else wants you to be.
– Claire lee

Open your eyes
Find what you were looking for
And see something you never imagined.
– unknown

Lemonade Mouth…………..

Lemonade mouth is a Disney channel original movie. The basic theme is a bunch of mismatched students get send to detention one morning for silly reasons, the teacher on duty in the detention room has to pop out for five minutes, or long enough for the students to sing a song!!
While the students are sitting there getting slightly bored and frustrated they start tapping the tables, banging the desks and humming, well this soon turns into a rhythm and the students begin to work with this beat.

They start by taking the furniture and instruments in the room and playing them then they all of a sudden start singing, the teacher arrives back at the nearly end to the song and tells them how great it was but the students don’t quite agree,

But with a little praise and encouragement the students begin to believe in themselves and start to sing together much to their fellow high school-ers annoyance and disagreement.

They almost let this tear them apart having many arguments while each trying to battle their individual problems that they have at home.
But they rise above this and work together to come up with a cool new band whom most of the school actually quite like.
It’s the principle and their rival band who disagree, trying to rip the band apart. They are unsuccessful.

So my blog is about this band and the songs they sing.
To me the film and songs are about anti-bullying and to overcome this together and not alone.

Now most people in their school lives have suffered some part of bullying
It can be a very hard time for anyone on the receiving end and harmful.

But I put it out there that you are never alone as much as you feel you are.
Bullies need to be stopped and dealt with in the correct manner.
Its hard to stand up for yourself if your constantly getting knocked down but there is a little courage inside of everyone because no matter how awful you may be made to feel you are stronger than the bully, they can take away from you what they will but they can never live your life and succeed in a way a respected person.
Most bullies are never liked anyway and deep down they have put up this facade that because they have made this horrid personality for themselves they need to carry this out. But deep down what haunts them and makes them the people they are.
Maybe they don’t want to be a bully but what kind of parents have bought them up or what kind of home life do they lead in most cases bullies need help themselves.

So I put it to you if you are being bullied don’t stand for it and suffer in silence, tell someone because you are not alone.

And bullies stop doing what you are doing and find the help that you seek also.

Love for Heston Blumenthal

Cooking,, now I don’t do a lot of it but after watching the screens these past couple of months I’ve found I has such a passion for watching chefs do their thing!!
One of my favourite chefs is Heston Blumenthal, he’s so talented and creative and takes cooking and draining food to a whole new level.
He doesn’t just look at food and cook it he takes it,, inspects it,, and creates a masterpiece!!
It’s clear Heston has such a love for food as he has grown up as I have the up most respect for him.
Heston is not afraid to take something simple and turn it into a miracle so to speak,, he designs like no other chef and I look forward to seeing him on my television screen 🙂

Next up is mr Jamie Oliver…..
Wow he loves his food and is hearty about it,, he’s not afraid to take fatty ingredients and make a delicious meal,, and in half hour!!
Jamie works on creating healthy meals and promoting healthy eating where he can even taking it to America!!
Like Heston, Jamie Takes simple ingredients and makes something stunning!!
I certainly wouldn’t mind either of them cooking for me! 🙂


The Only Way Is Essex
Geordie Shore
Jersey Shore
Desperate Housewives
Made in Chelsea

These are to name a few reality programmes that fill up our television screens today…!!
Now I will admit to watching a few of them and becoming slightly addicted but i am becoming slightly worried that the TV bosses of today are  being reliant on these sorts of programmes therefore making more and more of these ‘fake’ reality stints.
All of them start out the same, the whole cast being themselves, but as each show goes on it becomes clear that they realise they will get attention (that of which they crave) and start to become a massive plonker!! They clearly try to outshine each other and ‘fake’ themselves,, thus looking complete muppets!!
What’s worse is the TV then go and give them cue cards to read off of meaning then that they are reading from a really poorly written script, showing that they clearly lack acting skills.
They are allowed to live like prince and princesses!!

So you may be wondering why i’m blogging this…. well all of these shows have only one thing in common…..
all these people are of some sort of wealth and have a lot of money to go out and party!!

now i hope i am not only speaking for myself when i say these people can not seriously be real can they, because i work a 9-5 job and could never afford to live like these people.
why cant tv bosses film normal people not these pretencious high flyers!!
they show themselves up and the rest of the community they live in!!

so i put this to tv bosses GET REAL,, GET A CLUE..!!!


i still can’t help but be a little addicted tho 🙂

New Year, New Me!!!

Now i went to one of my friends houses in northampton for the new year, her boyfriend bought some top of the range champagne acompanied by all our favourite wines and vodkas.

we began the evening by getting ready sipping champagne, lush! we all then went down stairs and cracked open the wine and having a chit chat.

while chatting drinking and letting off fireworks its fair to say we were all having a brilliant time, when the ding dang dong past midnight called we were all a bit too merry to notice thus missing the count down to 2012!!

Oh well it didnt bother us in the slightst as we were having a ball, but then tradegy struck, whilst sitting in ridiculous heels on some outside steps alone having a tab and supping champers i stood only to twist and fall, now to any on looker it may have been a little or a lot funny and it was, but much to my pain i had twisted my ankle!

i found it extremely hard to walk, i had a sleep and woke the next morning the alcohol had worn off and i was in imense pain, i left it 4 days until i finally went to hospital to get an x-ray, to which they told me i had a broken ankle and couldn’t work for 6 weeks!

not the best pleased as i only get a little sick pay from work and have become extremely bored!!

its only been a week and a half and i want to go back to work already!

So the moral of my little new years story be careful when buyin heels and be careful where u walk and drink at the same time!!

heels should come with a warning, may buckle under you!!

Happy New Years Bloggers


Making Dreams come true………….. Kind of!!!

My 12 year old brother wants to become a games designer when he leaves school and i fully support this. he is a clever boy but just needs to keep his grades up. now I bought him a notepad to put all his games ideas down and explain them, he immediately took it from me and managed to come up with at least 8 ideas in a week, which i thought was quite genius!

i then done some research into finding out how he can become a games tester at a young age as this would be a great confidence booste for him so ive managed to email a total number of 8 different gaming associations in one hour hoping for some serious advice.

good luck to me 🙂

Buuuutt my dreaming schemeing does not stop there……..

my dad, brothers, uncles and cousins are completely football mad (as is EVERY male) and every Saturday in the house its like Wembley stadium (much to my annoyance) but growing up around screaming males has gotten me used to having minor heart attacks so to speak!! but my small story is really about what i could do for them,, well every saturday morning we all watch soccer AM which is a show showcasing the football highlights throughout the week well on this show they have a fan zone and in the fan zone they have a fans of the week where 8 fans of a team get invited along to sit on a bench called the luther blisset stand, and cheer and participate in the show.

now all the boys have a lot of mouth and i approachd them with my intensions of getting them on the show they didnt quite believe me so without their knowledge i filled out the questionairre twice and sent it off!!

lets hope i can make their ‘not so dream’ come true.   🙂